Things You Need To Know About Traffic

Gaining your authority as an internet marketer is very important to building a list that you can continuously email, build a relationship, and offer promotions. It also helps branding in the marketplace.The Key is to generate traffic. There are only two ways for which you can classify traffic, the paid ad and the free traffic sources.

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As far as I know, it is very helpful to build traffic from both kinds of sources, but which of them do you pay attention to when just starting out? In this blog article I’ll tell you the pros and cons of each kind of sources and some proper ways to begin in the right way so you don’t waste your time, money, and effort in things that don’t make you productive at all, as well as the activities you can focus on to definitely help you build your list like 1 2 3…every day.

Traffic simply means visitors to your site. When visitors match the offer you are looking for, there is a big possibility they will become a lead, and when they become a lead, there journey to being customers will begin. Traffic and lead generation is the lifeblood of every business. When you sell something, you want eyeballs from interested people. That’s why it is very important to master the art of traffic and lead generation.

Free Traffic

Where do you get free traffic? Let us say you have a start-up restaurant, you want people to go to your place and order your best dish and specialty. You want people to open the door and make them feel at home and feel the vibe of your restaurant space, be comfortable inside while observing your newly opened business, and of course you want them to order what they want and try your menu. How do you make that happen? First, you want to look for an area or place easily accessible to the public, a place where people come naturally to eat and have fun. Look for a place where people go, a mall or a park and entertainment places. For example, downtown Los Angeles is a place where people hang out and have fun, in it is Disneyland, visited by hundreds and thousands of people, don’t you think if you put a restaurant near Disneyland, people will naturally come in, order something to eat and go back to your place every once in a while? Definitely, that is a perfect concept of a FREE traffic.

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In an online business, where do you find your Disneyland? You find your traffic to websites where people check every day… the social networks.  People will naturally login their to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email once a day at least. Find yourself a spot there, create a fan page for Facebook and start finding people like you, and do what they do. Liking and simply commenting can build your traffic on Facebook, Likers will definitely go to your pages, same for followers on twitter, tweet every once in a while.  But here’s the catch, social media was naturally created for socializing, and that will be your means to position yourself as a field expert on your niche. You need to give them valuable information that creates curiosity to them and make them like your page for more information, until finally opting in to your list. That’s how you do it. Also, you may like  pages similar to what you are interested in, comment on their posts and activities and soon people will start to be curious with who you are, never attempt to sell something on their page, it may irritate them, but you can promote your squeeze page to them, so they can subscribe to your list. Your goal is to always capture their email address not to sell, an autoresponder will always do the sales for you, remember that. Social media is your virtual downtowns, a worldwide downtown. Imagine that, people from all over the world can be on your list. Time and consistency can build you traffic within the next months and years if you continue to be active on social networks. Okay, moving on, I think I handed you enough relevant traffic sources that you can start with. Let’s get to paid traffic below.

The Paid Ads

I’ll tackle two ways to use paid advertisements. The PPC(pay-per-click) and the direct response advertisements. These are two of the best ways to generate traffic to your site. When we talk about paid advertisements, we are paying to generate traffic to the site, either raw traffic, that consists of buyers and non-buyers (people who search the net simply to get an information for the things they are looking for, still undecided), or a targeted market, ready to take out their cards and buy a merchandise online.

Pay-per-click ads are offered by the largest search engines in the web, as we all know they have sponsored listings on top of the organic pages that they display every time you search for keywords. These sites are paying for responses that they get from the SERP (search engine results page), the common thing that they pay for is clicks. Even if the visitor do not buy something from their site as long as google directed them to the advertised page, they will pay google for an advertising cost. Yahoo and Bing also offers paid advertisements on their pages, in fact some internet marketers prefer to use Bing or yahoo to place their ads on, because simply there is too much competition on google nowadays. Every site being built every minute from now wants to impress google by default. So, a quick tip, although I do not have enough experience in pay-per-click advertisements, I would best recommend you to start with Bing or yahoo, they also share a fraction of traffic from the web. How about direct response advertisements?

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Direct response advertisements are popular way to drive targeted traffic to your site, you simply look for an agency or a person who has a list of buyers, and pay a cost for him to advertise your offer to his list. High percentage of the list are buyers in their own way. For a fact, they would not be on the company’s list if they did not buy anything from them. It also depends on your niche, you must find a list related to your niche. The history of direct response advertisements traces its roots from offline advertising in the past. Magazines for a certain niche in the past uses coupons and page templates on one of their pages and you just need to fill out the form and send it back to them to get their freebies or promotions in the next issues. Now they build their lists that way, of course, when they have a new promotion coming in, they will just send mails to the customers mailbox, the next thing they’ll know, promotion was successful, customers bought the item in promotion. How did other companies pay for advertisements? Let us say the magazine is all about beauty products with a large list of subscribers they are mailing issues every month, here is a beauty company who wants to pay for a targeted traffic, what they will do is advertise on the monthly newsletters of the magazine, the company will be advertised on the space provided for them, and voila! They got sales pouring in a couple of days after the newsletter was sent to the respective receivers.

How did internet marketing adopted this strategy? When internet marketing started, companies already knew that a viable way to build a list is to send offer promotions over and over in the future. So other small startups discovered that they can also pay companies in the internet to place their product on the large advertising companies list and drive targeted traffic. Yes, it may seem they are sharing their traffic with other. Will it decrease the sales of the other company? Definitely not, they should have a different products, and most of the time they can even create a joint venture promotions for their products and increase sales percentage by almost 100% or greater. So where do you find a list of targeted traffic for your niche? I can show you one, try to visit,, or search google for ezine directories. People engage in a certain niche that visit those sites either has a list and they might be willing to send promotions to their list. You just need your squeeze or landing page for them to sign up, offer them valuable information about your products, of course, build a relationship, and eventually offer a promotion in between.

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So there you go, I believe I have covered everything you need to know about traffic generation. Bear in mind that these traffic techniques are proven to work since internet marketing begun. They were used and adopted from the offline world when the internet didn’t exist yet. And they are working as long as you just follow the steps.

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10 Best Email Marketing Practices For 2020 And Beyond

In this post, I will give you the best practices in email marketing that home based business owners and affiliate marketers use to succeed and banked profits from email marketing, (a.k.a. Email Inboxing Machine).

Email marketing, we all want to get a  shot at it. As it is one of the best way to generate revenue and improve an online business. In this post we will be talking everything about email marketing, this would be a little bit long, so bear with me, but trust me, you want to know this tricks and practices to improve the way you treat email marketing. So, let me start…

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Our goal as an email marketer is to establish trust with our subscribers, through interactive exchange of values, in return, the goal is to get them committed to you. It’s not just sending an email for the sake of them reading whatever you wrote there, storytelling to them about your day, and expect your audience to talk to you. So, would you a novel like email be appropriate? How about this line, “Hi, how are you doing, do you have a dog? Kinda spammy, I think, huh! While its kinda made in a friendly voice, it probably might not get enough attention based on your audience.

It must be something related to what they originally opted for, so it is very important that you choose a niche that you know of, something you can really talk about and is passionate sharing it with others, that way it will be easier to engage your subscribers.

So, again, without further words…

  1. Give them your best content, ever!

Many people will tell you upfront that, to make a living through the internet, you have to sell, face to face, yeah right! Well, not for me, as a matter of fact, I don’t sell to my subscribers, I give them my best content FREE, Why? It is the greatest way to build a relationship with your customer’s list. Instead of creating an Ebook to sell, give it away, let them read and understand your message. Readily provide answer to all their questions. That way, you are both in a win-win match, your subscribers gets to pick your brain, you get to share what you know, in return they stay with you to learn some more.

2. Email consistently.

Sending them email on a consistent basis is practicing them to open your emails and read what you have to say. Your readers should be able to get used to you. It’s a good way to establish their HABIT, it will improve your open rate. In return, they receive high quality contents on a consistent basis. I mean, if you can do it everyday, there is nothing wrong with it, they need to see your name in their inbox everyday, as subtle branding It’s not gonna hurt you anyway, just spare a little more time creating quality content.

3. Be you!

Share yourself, it’s what everybody wants, you want your audience to follow you? Talk about you. Don’t be afraid to share your failures and successes, they will learn from it. They’ll even appreciate you for that. show them that every struggle pays off, of course they would be wanting to know how you made it. Connect, and get their emotions stimulated, share your values, they will emulate you and pattern your habits soon. You’re letting them into your weak and strong points for them to reimagine it, that you were once like them, you are slowly walking with them in their path to success.

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4. Connect that bond

You want to build that relationship, you don’t want to piss off you readers just because you want that affiliate link clicked. The very moment they signed up, it’s because of the value you offered in exchange with their email address. They didn’t opt in to buy directly, it is because of the best content, ever! Okay, the key here is, sending them a variety of email consistently like what I mentioned above, varying types of emails can very well establish rapport and trust daily. Show them you have more than the affiliate link you really want to include on your emails. Affiliate links, are one kind of your email, promotions, it should just take 30% of your whole email types. You might want to send 3 different types of emails.

                        Content emails– short, concise emails. How to’s, advise and useful information. Readable or they can watch it thru video links.

                        Relationship emails- your rants, your opportunity to share your social media accounts, connect to them thru your social presence, send them some motivation on a weekend. Ask them to hang out with you on G+, like you on Facebook, or follow on Twitter .

                        Promo emails- this email contains links to your recommended products, affiliate links in short.  Helpful complimentary product that you believe will greatly help their struggles.

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                        Always remember, your credibility relies on whatever you send to your subscribers, you have to think that the email you are sending is of great value to your list.

            Here is a sample ideal email sequence, that I also use:

                        Email 1- Welcome link, link to your thank you page (typ), contains the download link for your gift

                        Email 2- reminder for their download link, in case they missed their gift, as for me, I offer a free course, this will be my second course delivery

                        Email 3-  Relationship, getting them to know you better, introducing your social pages, delivering extra bonuses perhaps

                        Email 4- First promotion, affiliate or your own product instead. With a little bit of content.

                        Email 5- Goes back to a content (suppporting your product or affiliate offer) maybe a link to youtube video.

                        Email 6- Relationship ( maybe a survey form), asking them questions to help interact with them.

                        Email 7- 2nd promo ( maybe linked to the answers they provided for your survey)

and it goes on…see this sequence is built to automate the way you interact with your list. In a way, that when they finished the sequence they are already packed with value from what you offer, it’s a win-win platform for you and your list.

            5.Do not send promo everyday.

                        In my inbox, I see two kinds of marketers, a hard-core seller and a value oriented affiliate. I receive promotions everyday from this hardcore sellers, every single day. It’s not that bad though, what I’m telling you is, you don’t want to look like a badass guru just wanting to extract cash from your list every time you send those emails, you need to position yourself as consultant. Do not send it that way, I really don’t know if it hurts their list, the way they do it, but they trained their audience that way. I just don’t like it, although I don’t want to unsubscribe from their list, because they create good copies of emails that catches my attention, I try to emulate the way they do their copy. However, some of them I ignore on other days, because again, I know its jut pure promotions, peek at my trash folder:

            6. Subject line is 70% of your email

 Your subject line will determine your open rate. Most of the subscribers, open their emails because of catchy headline. So, in short, split test your subject line. Remember, an effective subject line triggers their emotion, it creates curiosity, excitement, even disgust (although that is a negative feeling) but still it made them open their email. Try to be more personal with your list, if you get that habit, personal subject lines will appeal more to them than just plain information that creates random emotion when they see your email. You might want to send same messages with different subjects for testing, do it, you’ll see some magical data in action.

            7. Trigger words a.ka. SPAM words

                        Be careful with spam words, email providers and ISP’s work hand in hand to prevent spam from entering to billions of inbox everyday, that is the reason why you have the junk or spam folder. These spam words are set by their system to filter email which qualifies to be a spam email. Easy, isn’t it? Yes, and by all means, do not try to syndicate or fool the system by misspelling the words or using it with symbols, all the more they will trigger it as a nonsense email which will hurt your deliverability. Sample words:

                                    make money online – oh no, this is set to be high risk phrase, be careful in using this phrase

                                    income- just like the first one.

                                    FREE- this is common, you don’t want to overuse this word in the body of your email, this word is very helpful in your squeeze page, however try to minimize this in your email content.

                        There are literally a lot of them, depending on your niche, so try experimenting with those words, other marketers has a wide list of those words (see trainings from great gurus, they have different lists of these words)

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8. HTML vs. Fancy Newsletters

                                    Okay, if you are a big corporation that values branding you might want to send your emails in fancy newsletters that contains those decorations. However, try to think this way, do you notice that those emails are ending up in promotions tab for gmail subscribers. Just a little bit more they will end up in spam folders? Why? because they trigger filters that tags them as promotions from big companies. On the other side, html and plain text messages dressed like a plain email may end up in your inbox with proper formats, they say it is more of a natural style of writing email, so it ends up like a friendly email to ISP’s and email platforms. I was unaware of this best practice until I enrolled in a course for email marketing, this guru does it so well that he can dissect an entire email to end up in your primary folder, by testing and tweaking it.

            9. The “From” name.

                        This is self-explanatory, the from name should be legitimate and personal, this is to brand yourself, this helps your list get used to your name appearing in their inbox consistently. Unless you represent a large corporation, you don’t want to name it like Internet Marketing Ltd. on your from name, guess what? It again triggers the filters, make it personal. Use your name, or anything you want them to call you and brand yourself, but not too formal. This also helps them whitelisting your email in their inboxes, manually adding your name from their address book. And lastly, avoid using free email addresses, like, it’s not healthy at all, it affects your deliverability, I strongly suggest you use, it looks good and professional or might be better.

            10. Sign up with a reputable autoresponder.

Most of them (gurus) says, autoresponders are the same, they are just equally created, they just vary on features and pricing, or whatever you can do with them. I say, just choose what fits your niche. Not all them are created to suite your business, some autoresponders are not a good fit with some niches, they just don’t want to deliver your message. While, user friendliness also affects the way you do email marketing, for a newbie, you might want to find, a simple wysiwyg type of autoresponder. Lastly, the reason they are not equal is, their reputation, these autoresponders are also being rated by filters, by the kind of users they have, if more and more spammers are using these types, as beginner email marketer, it may not affect you, but as your list grows you may be reviewed from time to time, it will definitely hurt your list.

There you go, those are best practices for your email marketing (a.k.a Email Inboxing Machine) business. This is very helpful for affiliate, online home based business owners, and internet marketers alike. So, if you think this article is of great value please share and practice it, might improve the way you do your business.

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3 Tools For Your Online Home Based Business

To start your own business, you need to make sure you have the necessary resources for you to start promoting products that you would like to recommend to others. To shorten this post, for I know you’re a busy person, we will not dwell on too much information, just the necessary things you need to know. There are only three things you need, to keep it running and get the ball rolling.

Basic tools
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This Online Thing…

These three components will form the integral part of your business, these tools will help you build from scratch. Like any other brick and mortar business, if you want to be seen by customers, you must get a place or a space where you would be visible. In the internet, this is called a webhost.

Your Host..

Web hosting will provide you the necessary space to display your products and contents for your enterprise. In physical world businesses, it provides you the location where your buyers will go in case they need your products, it also provides you the warehouse needed for your information to be stored. There are few webhostings that I have encountered which has a pretty good number of reviews based on the users who are utilizing them, one of which is Hostgator (I used them to build sites in the past). You can also check bluehost, some bloggers use this for its interface and the services they offered, pretty much they don’t have much difference when it  comes to their service, while Hostgator is cheaper when it comes to payment plans, it allows you to pay your monthly bill hosting on a monthly plan if you have a limited budget, while Bluehost offers you yearly plans with discounted prices to start with.

The Name A.K.A. The Brand!

Okay, so what’s the next tool? Of course, we need to name our business and put some sign in our space where we rented. A Domain name will answer this question, a domain is the address where a space should be located. Like a physical address, the internet needs a specific name for the buyers to go when they need to find you, might consider comparing it to a street address. The online world has a technical address where your business will be located, the URL destination, it’s like a grid in a map, your customers would not be reading those grids when you try to find your shop, so you need a domain name to pinpoint your device to a particular place (servers) where your site is hosted.

Namecheap offers competitive pricing for starters. Their prices are cheaper by cents compared to other domain name providers. Remember, it is important to choose an appropriate name that is related to your niche or better yet, a professionally pleasing domain name to brand yourself as an authority while building your business.

Autoresponders (the most important tool to have)

The last component of your business is your autoresponder. Most of the bloggers and web entrepreneurs in the past do not know how important an autoresponder is. A collection of email address can take their business revenue 5x higher than what they are currently earning. Here is my takeaway, if you are asking for an email address of your readers and shoppers you are on the verge of spamming them when you send them messages. It’s just a totally different mindset to think of. First, when you ask an email address, and they willingly gave it, they are providing you a consent that they are willing to receive from you updates and promotions, or simply an announcement if you have a news for them to know. You will not be spamming them unless you got those email address somewhere else inappropriate to get, worse is, you send them random announcements without them opting to your form or request. Furthermore, an autoresponder lets you automate your messages as easy as scheduling the day when your next article or new item will be posted on your site. A webform is a part of an autoresponder function, you place it on your site pages, and every time customers see it and they decide to receive from your future newsletters, they will be receiving updates from time to time. A little tip, do not be shy to provide a space in your site for email address collection it will help you a lot in the long run, imagine if Google goes down (which is highly impossible), hence your shop could not be found anywhere in their search pages, but because you have a database of customers, you can just send emails by including your link directly in your mail, and tell them that “hey, google is down but not my site, you can click here and be forwarded to my blogsite”.

Now What?

Now, you already have an idea how to start your own business online. Those three tools are the basic components to building your shop and online home based business. If you think you already have those requirements, then you are ready to venture the online world and build your dream lifestyle. You are a few steps away to financial and time freedom that you have been longing for. Imagine sending one email a day, closely watching your sales pour in as your customers visit your site on that day to see what you have in store for them. Just a quick statistics, quite common example, you have 2,000 email addresses which is a pretty small email list, it converts ten percent of those customers to buy your new item, that is 200 buyers at $20 dollars, you make $400 by just sending an email. of course, those are not ballpark numbers, it’s just an example, but the concept runs the same. How’s that for a business that you do not need to go out grinding everyday just to make ends meet. So, I suggest you think about it and start now, amazing things can happen if you were following the idea.

Will this work with my current business?

Absolutely, the niches or markets vary. But one thing is for sure, people buy things perpetually, what does this mean? People buy things multiple times in the course of a lifetime, so a customer’s value will be there as long as they still read your messages and buy what you sell. What about in the network marketing/MLM niche? It’s the same philosophy my dear, acquiring interested and targeted prospects is easier rather than talking to strangers every day. But building a system to do that is a different story, I can share that in a separate post.

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