3 Tools For Your Online Home Based Business

To start your own business, you need to make sure you have the necessary resources for you to start promoting products that you would like to recommend to others. To shorten this post, for I know you’re a busy person, we will not dwell on too much information, just the necessary things you need to know. There are only three things you need, to keep it running and get the ball rolling.

Basic tools
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This Online Thing…

These three components will form the integral part of your business, these tools will help you build from scratch. Like any other brick and mortar business, if you want to be seen by customers, you must get a place or a space where you would be visible. In the internet, this is called a webhost.

Your Host..

Web hosting will provide you the necessary space to display your products and contents for your enterprise. In physical world businesses, it provides you the location where your buyers will go in case they need your products, it also provides you the warehouse needed for your information to be stored. There are few webhostings that I have encountered which has a pretty good number of reviews based on the users who are utilizing them, one of which is Hostgator (I used them to build sites in the past). You can also check bluehost, some bloggers use this for its interface and the services they offered, pretty much they don’t have much difference when it  comes to their service, while Hostgator is cheaper when it comes to payment plans, it allows you to pay your monthly bill hosting on a monthly plan if you have a limited budget, while Bluehost offers you yearly plans with discounted prices to start with.

The Name A.K.A. The Brand!

Okay, so what’s the next tool? Of course, we need to name our business and put some sign in our space where we rented. A Domain name will answer this question, a domain is the address where a space should be located. Like a physical address, the internet needs a specific name for the buyers to go when they need to find you, might consider comparing it to a street address. The online world has a technical address where your business will be located, the URL destination, it’s like a grid in a map, your customers would not be reading those grids when you try to find your shop, so you need a domain name to pinpoint your device to a particular place (servers) where your site is hosted.

Namecheap offers competitive pricing for starters. Their prices are cheaper by cents compared to other domain name providers. Remember, it is important to choose an appropriate name that is related to your niche or better yet, a professionally pleasing domain name to brand yourself as an authority while building your business.

Autoresponders (the most important tool to have)

The last component of your business is your autoresponder. Most of the bloggers and web entrepreneurs in the past do not know how important an autoresponder is. A collection of email address can take their business revenue 5x higher than what they are currently earning. Here is my takeaway, if you are asking for an email address of your readers and shoppers you are on the verge of spamming them when you send them messages. It’s just a totally different mindset to think of. First, when you ask an email address, and they willingly gave it, they are providing you a consent that they are willing to receive from you updates and promotions, or simply an announcement if you have a news for them to know. You will not be spamming them unless you got those email address somewhere else inappropriate to get, worse is, you send them random announcements without them opting to your form or request. Furthermore, an autoresponder lets you automate your messages as easy as scheduling the day when your next article or new item will be posted on your site. A webform is a part of an autoresponder function, you place it on your site pages, and every time customers see it and they decide to receive from your future newsletters, they will be receiving updates from time to time. A little tip, do not be shy to provide a space in your site for email address collection it will help you a lot in the long run, imagine if Google goes down (which is highly impossible), hence your shop could not be found anywhere in their search pages, but because you have a database of customers, you can just send emails by including your link directly in your mail, and tell them that “hey, google is down but not my site, you can click here and be forwarded to my blogsite”.

Now What?

Now, you already have an idea how to start your own business online. Those three tools are the basic components to building your shop and online home based business. If you think you already have those requirements, then you are ready to venture the online world and build your dream lifestyle. You are a few steps away to financial and time freedom that you have been longing for. Imagine sending one email a day, closely watching your sales pour in as your customers visit your site on that day to see what you have in store for them. Just a quick statistics, quite common example, you have 2,000 email addresses which is a pretty small email list, it converts ten percent of those customers to buy your new item, that is 200 buyers at $20 dollars, you make $400 by just sending an email. of course, those are not ballpark numbers, it’s just an example, but the concept runs the same. How’s that for a business that you do not need to go out grinding everyday just to make ends meet. So, I suggest you think about it and start now, amazing things can happen if you were following the idea.

Will this work with my current business?

Absolutely, the niches or markets vary. But one thing is for sure, people buy things perpetually, what does this mean? People buy things multiple times in the course of a lifetime, so a customer’s value will be there as long as they still read your messages and buy what you sell. What about in the network marketing/MLM niche? It’s the same philosophy my dear, acquiring interested and targeted prospects is easier rather than talking to strangers every day. But building a system to do that is a different story, I can share that in a separate post.

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