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Your struggle…

I Know you’re here because you want to get from point A to point B. Whatever you goal is, you’re looking for help, we all do, just like when I started. You’re sick of the lies, the promises, the next big thing, and the breakthrough they sold you. Gurus and experts selling you the next fad but lacking vital information to make it work. Puzzled, frustrated and full of disappointment, I can’t blame you, it’s rampant in the industry especially in the make money online, network marketing, internet marketing niche. Everything is a peptalk, tedtalk, and motivation without any step by step solution. You know what’s the only truth about anything else you’ve seen? They make money, but they don’t show you exactly how, period. It’s made that way for you to buy in their upgrades, upsells, and downsells. They put a price for everything they do.

me a t local music festival
Taken during one of our local music festival.

You need guidance…

Hey there, thank you for dropping by my site, you’ve probably read some of my posts and activities on other pages.

I’m Prince Lorenz “Prince Ty” Gabonada. Prince Ty – it’s because my name is too long to mention, it saves me lot of time. I’m 27 years old as I write this post and just started my journey online(well, I’ve tried a few years back but to no avail-failure after failure). Nowadays people go online to buy things, people trust reviews more than physical store, it saves time, and it’s done in the convenience of our home.

Your dream lifstyle.
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Follow and tag along if you really want that vacation, the lifestyle, and the freedom they were talking about when you first sit on that seminar!

beach plane
Your dream vacation on reach.

My Struggle…

My business started from ground zero, honestly I had a hard time when I started online, I was into multi-level-marketing. That was the start of my introduction to the world of business. Failure after failure, there was no success to show for my efforts. My upline was there motivating me everyday. But the traditional ways of doing the business was not working for me. I burned my market immediately without the proper step by step system to follow. Like a soldier thrown into a middle of a war untrained and unskilled. That was the most embarassing part of my journey.

me with friends in a restaurant
This was 207 at a local restaurant, that’s me on the upper right corner 🙂 . Philippines

However, with perseverance, and finding the right mentor with a right system, the puzzle was solved. I can’t stress this enough, if your out there with nothing to show for your marketing efforts. YOU NEED TO RETHINK and FIND AN UPLINE WITH A DUPLICABLE SYSTEM. PERIOD

You can run a business with a simple duplicable system, it just changes everything, it makes it easy for your momentum to take off. It does not need a genius to do it, as I always say:

“You discuss the theory of business by going to MBA School, however a business can run without MBA”.

I found my mentor online. YES, you read that right, I did not find my upline from the same organization I am a part with, and that’s not a problem with me. As long as he has the exact strategies and system to get me to where I am going, I’m good with it. That’s when I started to search the internet for techniques and strategies to earn and market better. I found a highway of information, site from site it gave me ideas to start an internet business, and from there I decided to start my business while working a day time job, I am working part-time right now as an internet marketer. I work three hours a night starting from ten in the evening to one in the morning. I even have a second hand laptop and a prepaid internet connection, which I’m using until now. To tell you, I started broke, low in capital with only the basics tools to work with. what I had was a bunch of information and strategies to get started, luckily it made a big help for me to increase capital.

Me at San Juanico bridge
Picturesque San Juanico Bridge. Philippines.


But this site is not all about me, it’s all about you. I made this site to help you out there create a profitable business. Bring your home business online with the right tools, skills, and training. That is the only way you can succeed. What you can find in the pages of this site are a handful of stories of journey, courage and support that will not just inspire, but will also teach you how to get started online completely without the fluff and fillers, just pure business. I am no “guru”; I’m just an ordinary guy sharing what I know to everyone interested. As a matter of fact, I offer my free guide book on how to make money online, you can be rest assured the book will help you clarify concepts about internet marketing, making money online, and online home business. I’ll help you get started immediately right now. I don’t live a phenomenal life like the others. I’m under the radar, I’m no super affiliate but my successes will tell you that what I am sharing with you is proven and definitely working for everyone. I earned my first dollar online by following simple proven steps and I managed to scale it to multiple $100s, not a lot but it made me happy knowing that what I’m doing is bearing good fruit.

This was December of 2019. At a local “Christmas Village” display. Philippines

And now…

What if you could really get good at internet marketing, and build a profitable online business completely. Get the help you need and master the art of business building using proven strategies, no hype, no gimmick, just pure information on what works?

If you’re interested to become the next big hit in your network marketing, or any home business you own. I can show you how I got there and implemented everything that is working now and for years to come.

Frankly, it would be a disservice if I don’t share with you everything I learned that brought me to where I am today. Start that business, earn passive income.

Work with me now!

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when your done. See you on the other side.

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March this year.
Taken around March this year.
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